Fiddle fans will love the variety of tunes and styles that Tom and Zach make their own. The CD will open with Zach's tune "What's In A Name?". It's a fast-blowing hard-bop romp that carries the listener to the ballad, "Too Late", by Tom. A cheerful rhythm changes tune by Tom, "You Do It", is then followed by Zach's "Pakula Blues". Free jams in Tom's "Halftone Poem" and Zach's "The Itch" test the violin's range, and the closing tune, George Harrison's "Within You, Without You",is given the George Martin treatment with a simultaneous forward/backward solo by Zach that tops Harrison and Jimi Hendrix, too. Atmospheric hand drums by Tom Hipskind and an elegant solo by bassist Mike Arnopol ornament that tune and the swinging rhythm section of Jordan Baskin on piano with Arnopol and Hipskind stoke the fire in this CD. It's a new reason to love jazz violin.